Finding the Right Gas Company

When I lived in Ohio before, we only had one gas company that we were able to choose from. When I moved back about a year ago, I was surprised to find out that we actually had a lot of choices. I did not keep up with the deregulation news in Ohio at all since I was halfway across the country, but I definitely wanted to learn more about it. I figured the best way would be to just go online and find out which company is going to offer me the best deals.

I am making a bit more money now than I was when I lived here over 20 years ago, but that does not mean I don’t want to save it as much as I can. I would rather my money line my own pockets rather than the CEO’s pockets of some gas company. I was planning on going to each gas company that services my area, but I found something even better in the process. The first thing I had to do was find out which companies even service my area, so I did a search for that.

The result was a website that let me compare all of the different gas companies for my town. I had no idea that there were even that many, and I actually enjoyed learning about the differences between all of them. I was able to find out the promotions that each one has for new customers as well as their regular plans and rates. I also found out some history on each company, and that was really nice too. It did not take me long finding the gas company I wanted to use since everything was right there at my fingertips on just one site. It made my job of finding the right one a lot easier!