Reading Just the News That I Want

Life in these United States has been interesting ever since Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th president here. I don’t think too many people in the media expected him to really become our next president, and perhaps that is why he takes such a beating at times in the media now. I have found that I need to be very selective with where I get my Trump news from because sometimes there is just a lot of garbage mixed in with it. I want to get to the real news rather than to the news where it seems people are just waiting for him to fail.

I was able to find a news feed where all of the relevant news stories about our president are there. If there is something important and Trump is involved in it, then the story will definitely be on this news feed site if iti is on any of the mainstream media sites. That is why I like this site so much. Continue reading


Finding the Right Gas Company

When I lived in Ohio before, we only had one gas company that we were able to choose from. When I moved back about a year ago, I was surprised to find out that we actually had a lot of choices. I did not keep up with the deregulation news in Ohio at all since I was halfway across the country, but I definitely wanted to learn more about it. I figured the best way would be to just go online and find out which company is going to offer me the best deals.

I am making a bit more money now than I was when I lived here over 20 years ago, but that does not mean I don’t want to save it as much as I can. I would rather my money line my own pockets rather than the CEO’s pockets of some gas company. I was planning on going to each gas company that services my area, but I found something even better in the process. Continue reading